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Vim Reference Mousepad

Vim Reference Mousepad

Vim Reference Mousepad

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We've all been there. Every developer has that moment where they use the Vim text editor for the first time and can't for the life of them figure out how to exit text editor. By time time you finally figured out how to exit Vim, you've already typed out the world's strongest password.

Avoid having to Google Vim commands every time you have to use it and build your foundational knowledge by having the most fundamental Vim commands at your fingertips. You might even find that you work much faster using Vim than using other environments.

Knowing these commands proficiently will place your Vim knowledge at the top 86% of users and 58% of companies consider strong knowledge of a text editor such as Vim a strongly desired skill. So what's stopping you from investing in yourself?

ā€¢ 9.25ā€ x 7.75ā€ Rounded Rectangle Shape

ā€¢ Soft Protective Rubber Backing

ā€¢ Bonded Fabric Top

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